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Mapnik 3.0.0 Release

Jul 07, 2015

It is official! We have released Mapnik 3.0.0! This has been an effort over two years in the making and we are beyond excited to arrive at this milestone.

So many people have helped us develop, document, and debug during these past two years and we are so grateful to our community for all the support. Thank you!


You can download the official source directly or you can grab it from our downloads page.

What Changed

There are two really phenomenal new features of Mapnik 3: text shaping support and “expressions everywhere”.

The new text support brings world-class text layout and rendering support to Mapnik for nearly every language (formally script) in the world thanks to the powerful harfbuzz library. It landed in this pull and represents the first official release that includes Herm’s work from GSOC 2013.

The “expressions everywhere” support allows all single styling properties in Mapnik to be data-driven. Previously in Mapnik 2.x only a few properties could be dynamically driven by feature attributes (like text-name and marker-width). Now every property you know in Mapnik supports expressions and expressions now also support @variables that can be passed at render-time.

For all the details see the v3.0.0 Changelog

For key API changes see the wiki.

Looking Forward

There is still plenty to work to do on Mapnik. We anticipate issuing frequent and smaller releases in the upcoming months. We want to keep expanding on our abilities to provide fast and beautiful maps with a focus on vector tiles. We are looking at ways to improve the distribution of our binary packages. And we are looking for help on documentation.

Expect to see more documentation and more news here soon! And get in touch if you have more ideas. As always, tweet to us at, send a note to the mailing list, or ask a question via a github support issue.

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