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Mapnik 3.0.2 Release

Jul 31, 2015

As promised in our last post, the next release of Mapnik was to follow shortly. This release focuses on having a well tested and functional SVG parser. While SVG functionality was present in earlier releases, this is a vast improvement in speed and efficiency over the previous parser. Additionally, as part of this release we have removed the dependence on libxml2 from the mapnik library.


You can download the official source directly or you can grab it from our downloads page.

What Changed

For all the information on what changed see the v3.0.2 Changelog

Looking Forward

The SVG parser is much more stable now, however, we still do not support 100% of the SVG specification. While we are fairly certain we will never support all SVG operations, we do want to address some missing features of the specification at some time. Please let us know if there is anything you feel that the parser needs to support!

Our next release will likely focus on more improvements to CSV parsing and will likely be another point release. The next minor release is starting to be lined out and we would love your input or help!

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