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FOSS4G 2010

Aug 31, 2010

I'm going to be at FOSS4G 2010 next week in Barcelona. The last time I was in Spain was the final day of SOTM and the day Spain won the world cup. I'm excited to return!

On tap will be a great workshop run by Iván Sánchez Ortega on using Mapnik to render OSM data: W-03: Setting up an OpenStreetMap rendering toolchain

Mapnik is also participating in the FOSS4G WMS Shootout this year, a friendly competition of many of the leading open source and non-open source servers out there. Before this month Mapnik didn't really a fast C-based WMS server, but I wrote one, and so did Frederik. I'll be reporting soon on some of the speed improvements and other lessons learned during this excellent and fun exercise. Huge thanks to Matt Kenny for designing the styles for the shootout which were required to match all other servers.

Hope to see you at FOSS4G!

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