Latest Major Release

The latest release is Mapnik v2.2.0.



The recommend install method on OS X is homebrew. If you are running homebrew simply do:

brew update && brew install mapnik

We also provide a pre-built OS X 64 bit package that will install into the same place (/usr/local) as homebrew.





To build Mapnik v2.2.0 from source either download the v2.2.0 tarball or pull directly from github:

git clone
git checkout v2.2.0

For source install help see the Install docs

You can also use git to fetch the latest code (will default to master branch):

git clone

Browse the code at github.

Download a snapshot as a zip archive.

Extra Installation Details

See platform specific notes at Mapnik Wiki.

See also the detailed Install guide for the development code.

Older releases

See the listing at the download archive on s3.